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BLOGGING HIATUS: Prepare yourself for

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BLOGGING HIATUS: Prepare yourself for a long blogging hiatus — perhaps a week or more. The reason must remain a mystery. (Wait — I already said it earlier: I am going on vacation.) Anyway, I am not so dedicated that I will be doing remote blogging from a mountain cabin. I leave that to the InstaPundits of the world. Those of us who have maybe two regular readers just gotta relax sometimes.

My advice to those who can’t do without their Patterico fix: explore my extensive archives — especially if you haven’t been a regular reader from the beginning. You should find the occasional take on something you won’t see anywhere else, and plenty to infuriate people on both sides of the political spectrum (though, to be sure, more to infuriate the left). Enjoy, and I’ll see you at the end of the month.

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