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“GOOGLISM”: Find out what the

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“GOOGLISM”: Find out what the internet thinks of you here. Pretty funny stuff.

Pryor and Gay Day

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Byron York has this essay at National Review Online, titled “The Nominee Who Won’t Back Down.” It’s a very entertaining account of the stunned reactions of Senators listening to a guy saying what he actually believes.

As often happens with these right-wing guys, I gather that he has a position against homosexuality, which I don’t share. However, the specific questioning on this issue appears to have centered on Pryor’s decision to reschedule a trip to Disney World with his six- and four- year old daughters, because he didn’t want to take them to the park on “Gay Day.” I’m sorry, but I can’t get too upset about this. Here’s why. Although I have no problem with homosexuality in general, the people who are going to attend something like this are likely to be the activists. And when you get the activists together, things can get pretty extreme.

My wife and I (before we were married) were in Washington D.C. during one of the largest gay rights marches in history. We walked around during the march to see the spectacle, and I can tell you it was pretty weird. Virtually everybody was in these outlandish costumes — leather and spikes and paint and such, everywhere. Naturally, men were french-kissing men and women were french-kissing women as far as the eye could see. Some people were partially nude. At one point, gay people singled us out on the subway as the “straight people” and taunted us (fairly good-naturedly): “Look at the straight people! Goodbye, straight people! Have a good day, straight people!” You could sense their joy in finally being the majority, and they fell right into the predictable role of minorities who suddenly find themselves in the majority: they singled out the minority (albeit cheerfully).

The media won’t tell you this any of this, of course. One of the first times I had personal insight into the dishonest nature of the media was when I returned home from that march, and saw the television and newspaper coverage back home. The common theme was: “These people are no different from you or me. They are your next-door neighbors. They just happen to be gay.” I remember thinking: if these people were my next-door neighbors, I’d move immediately. But no hint of their outlandishness appeared in the media. The visual images were all either long-distance shots of the entire gathering with no individuals visible, or close-ups of the maybe dozen normal-looking people there.

Again, I am not saying that there aren’t plenty of normal gay people in the country. But for the most part, they weren’t at this march.

So would I want to take my young children to Disney World, and spend the day explaining to my children why that man was kissing that man, and why everyone looks so scary and acts so weird? Or would I want to wait for a day when I could just go and have fun? It’s a pretty easy decision. I can’t blame the guy.

Anyway, read the essay about Pryor. It’s just good fun to read about a completely candid guy talking to these Senators, who are the least candid people on the planet.


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GOOD OL’ HANS BLIX: There is a fun profile of your favorite Swedish diplomat in London’s liberal rag The Guardian. My favorite part is at the end, where they detail his curriculum vitae.

“High point: Getting UN weapons inspectors back into Iraq last year.

“Low point: As director of the IAEA claiming Iraq had no nuclear programme, only to be proved wrong after the first Gulf War.”


Has it occurred to anyone that maybe GW Bush didn’t want to recreate Blix’s “low point”?

PRYOR: I love this guy.

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PRYOR: I love this guy. “Pryor did not try to obscure his views on abortion at his Judiciary Committee hearing. He was asked several times about his past assertions that Roe v. Wade ‘is an abominable decision’ and ‘the worst abomination of the history of constitutional law.’ Pryor, who noted his Catholic faith, said he still believes that.

“‘I believe that not only is the case unsupported by the text and structure of the Constitution, but it has led to a morally wrong result,’ he said. ‘It has led to the slaughter of millions of innocent unborn children. That’s my personal belief.'”

I like this because it’s completely straightforward and honest. Also, he makes Bush’s other supposedly extreme nominees seem pretty moderate. Also, I think he’s right. (Whoops — there went my chances to be a judge.)

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