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GOOGLE TRICKS: Since Google is

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GOOGLE TRICKS: Since Google is indispensible to Internet searching, check out this article that has tips on how to use it more effectively. And check out the name of the dude who wrote it: Simson Garfinkel.


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LOVE THAT LILEKS: And I love his recent column on the failure to find WMD so far. “Weapons of mass destruction, car keys — they’re always in the last place you look.” The bottom line for Lileks is this:

“No more mass executions. No new prisons for children. No bonus checks for the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. No Terrorism 101 classes at Salman Pak. No electrodes applied to the daughter of a man who talked to CNN. No daily potshots at allied aircraft. No sudden sluice of fear in the hearts of the Kurds when the government trucks appear on the horizon. No miserable thuggish satrapy in the middle of the Middle East, thumbing its nose at the United Nations and the United States.

“Come election time 2004, the Iraqi oil proceeds will not be going to secret Swiss accounts named Chick Daney and Ronald Dumsfeld. They’ll be going to the people of Iraq. We won’t be arguing about losing the peace in Iraq.

“We’ll be arguing about losing the peace in Iran. But that’s another story. For another presidential term.”

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