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TIGER AND THE TIMES: Does the departure of Gerald Boyd mean the New York Times will finally shut up about it being Tiger Woods’s responsibility to make Augusta National Golf Club allow women as members?

WHEN IT RAINES: Looks like

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WHEN IT RAINES: Looks like affirmative action has cost yet another white man his job — and that man is Howell Raines.


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NAZI CARTOONS OR CHICAGO TRIBUNE CARTOONS? YOU BE THE JUDGE: Here is a little comparison for you. Check out the cartoons on the left side of this page. Note the six-pointed star, the hooked noses of the Jews, and the references to Jews loving money. Here is another example. And here is another.

Quiz: which cartoons were printed in Nazi newspapers during the 1930s and 1940s, and which were recently printed in the Chicago Tribune?

For some real fun, open the first link above in one browser, and scroll down to the first cartoons you see. Then open up the last link in a different browser. Now switch quickly back and forth between the two. Fascinating, eh?

JUSTICE IS OKAY: Yesterday’s lead

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JUSTICE IS OKAY: Yesterday’s lead Los Angeles Times editorial was titled Justice Crosses a Line. I don’t care about whatever this editorial says; I bring it up because the Times‘s lead editorial the other day was titled Justice Takes a Beating. I am glad to see that justice has recovered from the beating, and is healthy enough to perform activities like crossing a line.


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LEFT, LEFTER, AND LEFTIST: Arianna Huffington asked yesterday: “Has there ever been a clearer, more irrefutable example of our political leaders’ lack of a moral compass than the clandestine, eleventh-hour elimination of a promised child tax credit for almost 12 million of the nation’s poorest children?” I don’t care about what she says in this column. I bring up this ridiculous, predictably leftist quote to make two points, one about the L.A. Dog Trainer, and one about NPR:

1) Remember when Arianna was married to the Republican (or so we thought) guy running against Dianne Feinstein for the Senate? Back then, she was portrayed by the Times as a complete and total nut case — someone who regularly consulted astrologers as part of her frightening influence over her husband. It now appears she is indeed a nut case: a left-wing nut case — and now the Times regularly prints her column.

2) Our local NPR station has a program called “Left, Right, and Center.” It is a political debate program purporting to feature people from every spectrum of political thought. For a while there were three people on the program. Leftist Robert Scheer was “Left,” liberal Matt Miller was “Center,” and guess who was “Right”? That’s right! Arianna, of the leftist quote above. (The program now also features a genuine representative of the right: David Frum. So now it’s: “Extremely Left, Also Extremely Left, Right, and Another Leftist.”)

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