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SEARCH ENGINE WATCH, OR GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE: Eugene Volokh has taken up a practice I started back in May: noting interesting searches that people used to get to a blog. (For an example of my past entries on this topic, look here and here.)

I don’t currently have any funny new searches to report, but I am pleased to say that a couple of people accessed my page while looking for information about Oliverio Martinez, whose case I have discussed extensively on this site (here, here, and most recently here.) I hope I have set one or two people straight on what really happened in that case. Only a few hundred thousand to go.

“DIVERSITY CANDIDATES”: Jonah Goldberg from

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“DIVERSITY CANDIDATES”: Jonah Goldberg from National Review Online‘s The Corner has this post concerning this job listing on The job listing seeks a “diversity candidate,” and Goldberg wonders whether this might possibly mean “white men need not apply.” Sure sounds like it.

Well, Patterico doesn’t get paid the big blog bucks to sit on his behind and wonder about the answers to the important questions. (Well, he doesn’t get paid to do this at all, but he nevertheless decided to investigate a little further.) After a little research, I found some stuff that is obviously the tip of the iceberg.

Example: first, I signed up for a “” account so I could see if there were other listings for “diversity candidates.” I found only four more on Monster. All of them appear to be from the same recruiting company: But the entries were for different types of jobs, such as: Private Banking Credit Officer, Microbiologist, and Quality Assurance Manager. The listing for the position of Private Banking Credit Officer states that “diversity candidate” is a characteristic that the candidate “must possess” whereas the other entries say it is one that is “nice to have.”

Example: plug the phrase “diversity candidate” into Google and you get this result — over 300 entries when I did the search. I saw several listings on other job search engines like this one with phrases like this: “There is a STRONG preference to fill this position with a Diversity Candidate. Females and Minorities are ENCOURAGED to Apply.” I think it’s fair to read that as: “There is a STRONG prejudice against filling this job with a White Male. White Guys can TAKE A FLYING LEAP as they have A SNOWMAN’S CHANCE IN HELL of getting this job.”

Example: here is the “Featured Candidates” page of a headhunting firm which lists profiles of some of the “candidates” the firm represents. “Profiles with asterisk denote diversity candidates” — so you don’t have to waste your time with the other schlubs when you have that quota to fill.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Those of us who haven’t looked for a job in years have not confronted this reality, but it is obviously a reality with which many are all too familiar. Anyone with stories or examples to share, please e-mail me at the link on the left margin.

SCHEER STUPIDITY: Another entry in

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SCHEER STUPIDITY: Another entry in our continuing “Make Fun of Bob Scheer” series. Today Scheer just makes fun of himself. In fact, he usually does . . . maybe I should rename this ongoing series “I Read Bob Scheer So You Don’t Have To.” The money quote from today’s ridiculous entry: “For [Paul] Wolfowitz and friends, the 9/11 attacks were almost a gift, an opportunity to play God.”

You know, I bet Bob Scheer and his readers would all collapse in uproarious laughter at that cartoon I mentioned depicting Ariel Sharon as a greedy hook-nosed Jew. Anyone who reads Scheer on a regular basis knows he is a self-loathing Jew who regularly takes the side of the Palestinian murderers.

Anyway, it’s hard to disagree with the Shark Blog (which has made itself the principal authority on Scheer in the Blogosphere with the Robert Scheer Canard-o-Matic), which argues that Scheer can’t really be taken seriously, as he is simply a windbag who “panders to an audience of close-minded and intolerant jerks, of which there is no dearth in Los Angeles.”


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UPDATE ON DEATH SENTENCE VOIDED DUE TO BIBLE-READING: This WSJ op-ed has more on that brutal murderer (is there any other kind?) whose death sentence was voided because jurors had read the Bibles in their hotel rooms. (I reported this story to you here on Saturday.)

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