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KLEINFELD: Check out the most

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KLEINFELD: Check out the most recent How Appealing’s 20 Questions — 20 questions put to an appellate judge. The current installment is an interview of Ninth Circuit judge Andrew Kleinfeld. He was one of the judges in the majority upholding California’s Proposition 209, the initiative against racial preferences. Accordingly, he was vilified by the Los Angeles Times as a right-wing nut. Read the whole interview to see what a thoughtful judge Kleinfeld actually is. My favorite quote:

“There is an unfortunate tendency among people who don’t think about it too deeply to think that if something is very important, then it must be a matter of constitutional law. That implies that if something is very important, power is transferred from the majoritarian institutions to the courts.”

Required reading.

Talking Woman in Your Computer

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Type in text and listen to a woman say it. And please — resist your base urge to have her say something dirty.

Warning: the web site imposes a daily limit on how many times you can use the demo.


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LUFKIN DAILY NEWS DROPS DOWD: This is pretty humorous, I think. The local newspaper in Lufkin, Texas has dropped Maureen Dowd’s column, as some guy from that paper explains here. Apparently, Dowd violated one of the fundamental “tents” of the newspaper business. And the Lufkin Daily News is not going to respond to the violation of tents with the sort of “naval gazing” that they do over at the New York Times.

Moral: if you do any naval gazing, take a blanket, ’cause it gets cold at the shore. And remember to take the tents of the newspaper business with you, in case it rains.

Well, this guy’s heart is in the right place. Goofs and all, I’d read him over Dowd any day.

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