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“HELL FREEZES OVER” IS RIGHT: HELL FREEZES OVER is the title of a post in National Review Online’s blog “The Corner.” The post quotes in its entirety an amazing memo from Dog Trainer editor John Carroll. The memo critiques a recent article in the Times, which ridiculed a Texas law mandating abortion counseling for women.

What is so eye-catching about the memo is that Carroll actually recognizes the evident liberal bias of the story’s author. (Side note: I read the abortion story the day it appeared in the Times, and I noticed all of the things Carroll mentions — but had neither the time nor the energy to write about it here. It was just another pro-abortion story in a major newspaper; i.e. nothing remotely surprising. My reaction was to complain to my wife and forget about it.) Carroll uses some hard-hitting language in the memo. For example, he notes the reporter’s description of the counseling as “so-called counseling” — a phrase he correctly notes is “loaded with derision.” He says: “we are not going to push a liberal agenda in the news pages of the Times.” I would add “any more” — but otherwise I applaud Carroll.

I was so impressed with this memo that I wrote Carroll this morning and congratulated him. I also registered a complaint about the Times‘s coverage of the Miranda decision (discussed in the post immediately below) — coverage which is, in my opinion, far worse than the abortion story that Carroll critiques in his memo. I am not holding my breath for a response from Carroll, but if I get one, Patterico readers will be the first to know.

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