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THE POWER OF THE JUMP: Another installment in our semi-regular series. For the background, visit this earlier post.

Today’s installment: a piece titled Tax Cut Is a Victory and a Risk for Bush. The piece is by Ronald Brownstein, a Dog Trainer political writer with a good reputation as a tough, fair, thorough analyst. It opens with a view of the recently passed tax cut as a remarkable accomplishment for Bush — but one that carries risks as well as opportunities. Fairly high in the piece is this quote from a presidential historian: “It [the tax cut] gives Bush the image of a leader, an impression as someone who cares and someone who is effective — all of which are good arguments for people to hire you for four more years.”

If you read this piece on the Internet, you’d never know that quote was — you guessed it — after the jump. You should have seen the physical paper itself; it’s hilarious how tiny a space they had to cram the column into so that this quote would not appear on the front page. I can tell you there is no way the Dog Trainer editors were going to allow a quote that favorable to Bush to grace the actual front page.

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