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BLAIR SAGA CONTINUES: This is just amazing. Howard Kurtz is reporting that Jayson Blair is proposing to write a book called “Burning Down My Master’s House” in which he refers to the New York Times as his “slavemaster.”

Kurtz says: “Blair casts his story as one of ‘a young black man’ told he would never succeed ‘by everyone from his white second-grade teacher to his editor at the Times, who rose from the fields and got a place in the master’s house and then burned it down the only way he knew how.'”

Oh. And here I thought he was just an a**hole who plagiarized and made a bunch of sh*t up.

If the Bob Herberts and William Raspberries of the world had any rationality, they would be condemning this proposal as a huge step backward for blacks. Don’t hold your breath.

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