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MORE ON IRAQ NUKES: The Los Angeles Dog Trainer has an excellent opinion piece this morning titled We Still Face the Menace of Iraq’s Hidden Horrors. Regular readers of Patterico know that this is the biggest underreported story of the war. Here is a taste of today’s piece:

“Each day brings new stories of looting at sensitive weapons sites in Iraq, disappearing documents and under-resourced search teams, incapable of protecting even the sites we know about. Consider the sprawling Tuwaitha nuclear complex south of Baghdad, the main repository of Iraq’s known nuclear material and equipment. Coalition troops have been neither willing nor able to keep looters out. As a result, documents and equipment that could have provided evidence of Iraq’s nuclear ambitions have disappeared.

“Tuwaitha houses at least 13 metric tons of natural uranium and 1.8 metric tons of low- enriched uranium, as well as significant quantities of cesium, strontium and cobalt. These last three nuclear isotopes would be ideal for use in a ‘dirty bomb.’ And further processing of Iraq’s partially enriched uranium, in neighboring Iran for example, could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to fuel up to three nuclear weapons.

“In April, the New York Times reported that U.S. weapons experts searching an ammunition complex near Karbala found manuals and packaging for two drying ovens imported from Germany, but no ovens. These ovens, said the Times, could be used to process viruses and bacteria for germ weapons. The Times also reported that the team found 11 buried containers with sophisticated lab equipment and seven canisters of cesium in a warehouse. Taken together, these items sketch a suspicious picture that will remain forever incomplete because of looting.”

Read the whole thing.


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EARTH FROM MARS: There’s a neat photograph of Earth from Mars in this story from The Earth appears as a half-globe, with clouds and the South American land mass visible. Check it out.

In surfing after reading this article, I stumbled upon a article from September 2001 titled Experts Pick: Top 10 Space Science Photos. Some of the photos you have seen before, some you haven’t. It’s all worth a look.

“INSIDIOUS SID”: Michael Isikoff reminds

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“INSIDIOUS SID”: Michael Isikoff reminds me why I have no respect for Sidney Blumenthal.

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