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IF ONLY THERE WERE MORE OF THIS: Incredibly, the Associated Press reports that some Palestinians protested Palestinian militants for provoking Israeli military attacks!!

The timing of the most recent terrorist attacks in Israel has reinforced the obvious conclusion that the terrorists are not (contrary to the hand-wringing statements of many liberals) responding primarily to the desperate circumstances of the Palestinians’ lives, or to humiliation by Israel. That is clearly not the motivation. If it were, you would routinely see more suicide attacks right after Israel worsened the Palestinians’ living conditions (usually due to some military crackdown). To the contrary, military incursions generally result in fewer terrorist attacks. What really scares the militants is the possibility of peace. The second that peace discussions seem like they might get serious, that’s when you start seeing stuff blow up.

If more Palestinians would realize that terrorism causes crackdowns, not the other way around, they might see that it is the terrorists and militants who are directly responsible for the Palestinians’ own lives being so miserable. I think that is the kind of attitude adjustment necessary to make it politically palatable for someone like Abbas to truly go after the terrorists. (Of course, getting rid of Arafat and his baby wipes wouldn’t hurt.)

While I’m not going to get too excited by one isolated protest, it nevertheless was refreshing to see.

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