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LUNAR ECLIPSE: Make sure to

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LUNAR ECLIPSE: Make sure to watch the lunar eclipse tonight. “The action begins when the moon enters the outer portion of Earth’s shadow, known as the penumbra, and then slowly moves into the darker umbra on its way to a total eclipse.”

With all the penumbras and shadows floating around (not to mention the emanations), you just might get a glimpse of our constitutional right to privacy in there somewhere.

(If you don’t get what I mean, go here, do a Ctrl-F, type in “penumbras” and hit enter. Voila! There it is — the source of our right to privacy.)


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MORE JAYSON BLAIR AND DIVERSITY: Check out this Washington Post op-ed titled “Don’t Blame Diversity” by Terry M. Neal, the chief political correspondent for Typical of the quotes from the piece: “But why can’t Blair just be one severely troubled guy who did outrageous things? Why are some people using him as an example of the evils of commitment to diversity?”

Obviously, when Mr. Neal was doing his current events reading yesterday, he did not read the New York Times. Less forgivably, he did not read Patterico. Had he read either, he would know that Howell Raines himself is blaming diversity.

Nobody is saying that Blair’s race is the only factor at work here. At least I’m not. But to argue that affirmative action is not a legitimate topic here, when Raines himself admits it is, is simply political correctness run amok — in other words, the same sort of mindset that caused the problem in the first place.


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THE BROKEN CLOCK HYPOTHESIS: A broken clock is right twice a day, goes the old saying. And Robert Scheer gets it right occasionally too. Despite my stated goal of mocking every column he writes, I don’t have much of a problem with today’s piece, in which Mr. Sneer criticizes the Bush administration’s research into “usable” nukes at the same time that our main team looking for WMD in Iraq has given up. I don’t sign on to all the language, but I think Scheer has it mostly right this time.

Where’s the fun in that?


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CUTESY EDITORIAL ALERT: This will be a semi-regular feature on this site — with the emphasis, I hope, on “semi.” The Los Angeles Dog Trainer sometimes runs a cutesy editorial as their third editorial. For example, there was one on the topic of “disclaimers” a few weeks back that was enough to turn a coroner’s stomach. Another one of these idiocies appears in today’s Dog Trainer, with the title: Writing Real Good.

It has to be the same guy who writes all of these things. Where did they find this guy? And when are they going to put him — and us — out of our misery?


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THANK YOU HOWELL: You just know Eason Jordan (the CNN exec who revealed how CNN had been hiding the truth about Saddam for years) has sent a case of scotch to Howell Raines as a thank-you for taking the spotlight off him.

WE GOT QUESTIONS: Usually Patterico

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WE GOT QUESTIONS: Usually Patterico has all the answers, but sometimes he decides to seek guidance on arcane matters from amongst his vast readership. My question: why do subject headings in spam e-mail often contain nonsense words together with normal ones? Like: “I’ve been waiting for your response Patterico igfihgooiwsfg” — that sort of thing.

I will post the first authentic-sounding answer here.

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