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POEM GENERATOR: Here is a poem generator. Enter a URL and it will generate a modern-looking free-form poem from words on the web page. I put in the Patterico’s Pontifications URL a few times and generated several poems. I copied the lines I liked best, tweaked them a little, and strung them together to form this poem:

In this
the fabulous country of data
The pilot literally
crashes the very positive,
the reaction to terror.
Saddam and I walk away
one in our view. From Saudi Arabia
and glorious centrality
and his constitutional prerogative to
see that
a constitution is made:
a list of the pickled mind, as
a steel cable stretched across the sentence.
War has a certain duration.
But our war might just
wait for other public ministers . . .
who said
boys overseas were
for these weapons?
A sufficient retort:
Where is the deadline to earn the
war He thinks should happen?


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LOOTING OF WMD REVISITED: On April 22, I posted this comment about the looting of “potentially sensitive” sites in Iraq that might have had important information on the location of WMD.

I said: “I hope that, at the very least, we secured all the sites where we believed the weapons themselves might have been. I am less concerned that we can’t find WMD than I am that we may have created a situation where we let WMD get looted.”

We learn today in this story in the Washington Post that: “A specially trained Defense Department team, dispatched after a month of official indecision to survey a major Iraqi radioactive waste repository, today found the site heavily looted and said it was impossible to tell whether nuclear materials were missing. . . . The discovery at the Baghdad Nuclear Research Facility was the second since the end of the war in which a known nuclear cache was plundered extensively enough that authorities could not rule out the possibility that deadly materials had been stolen.”

This is hardly a site that was previously unknown to have nuclear material. This is the same facility bombed by Israel in 1981 and by the United States in 1991.

In theory, the Iraq war should have made us safer from weapons of mass destruction. As it has been executed, it appears to be making us far more vulnerable to these weapons. God (or perhaps Allah) only knows where potentially looted material such as this will end up. The failure to immediately secure sites that were previously known to have WMD — nuclear material, no less! — is a huge scandal, in my opinion. And one that is getting almost zero attention (even from Democrats!) in the euphoria over our victory.

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