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HEH: I do not like

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HEH: I do not like Bill Bennett, so I was amused to read this Newsweek story about his high-stakes gambling habit. Apparently Virtuous Bill has been dropping millions of smackeroos at the high-dollar slots in Vegas over a period of several years.

Bennett claims he has broken even over the years. “You donít see what I walk away with,” Bennett says. “They [the casinos] donít want you to see it.” Yeah, because the casinos are always trying to portray themselves as places where nobody ever wins.

“I view it as drinking,” Bennett says. “If you canít handle it, donít do it.” (I notice the comparison is made to drinking alcohol — not to, say, chain-smoking or binge-eating. I wonder why?)

“A casino source, hearing of Bennettís claim to breaking even on slots over 10 years, just laughed.” I am laughing, too, especially when I read this quote from “a casino source who has witnessed Bennett at the high-limit slots in the wee hours.” This source says “Thereís a term in the trade for his kind of gambler. We call them losers.”

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