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Explanation of Term “Dog Trainer

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My wife says I need to explain what the term Dog Trainer means. It’s a term I use frequently on this site. It originated with Harry Shearer, and refers to the Los Angeles Times. I think you already understood that, but the wife says maybe not.

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  1. Quoting him would be better than just a credit…

    detail-minded (3c18df)

  2. I’m not sure what you mean. I have heard Shearer use the term on his radio show, “Le Show.” However, anyone interested in learning more about Shearer should visit his web site, here. He is a liberal guy who would be appalled by many of the opinions expressed on my site, and most of my readers would probably be appalled by his views. No matter. He is a brilliant commentator and entertainer. Check out his site, listen to his show, and enjoy.

    Patterico (f7b3e5)

  3. test

    George Takei (687494)

  4. You are much too generous to the this worthless rag. When I cancelled my subscription, I informed the poor individual on the other end that I would never wrap the garbage with the LA Times (better know as the LATrine), out of fear of contaminating the garbage. While you call it the “dog catcher” I call it the “LATrine” which I feel is a far more realistic description of its corrupt editorial policies.

    Mescalero (784769)

  5. Roll up a newspaper and gently rap your dog on the snout when he does something wrong. That’ll teach him!

    Brian (fb7de0)

  6. Exxxxxcellent…
    Simpson’s voice-over artist Harry Shearer is channeling Patterico’s Pontifications in a recent interview. On the Los Angeles Times: “I hate ’em. With the easy availability of the best newspapers all over the world on the Internet, it became such a…

    BoiFromTroy (aef310)

  7. LA Times Cancellations increase
    At first, the Los Angeles Times admitted to losing some 3,000 subscribers over its slander of then-Gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then that number rose to 7,000. For the past three months, it had been officially peggeed at 9,000–but Ti…

    BoiFromTroy (aef310)

  8. LA Times’ about face…
    It has been two months since I stopped subscribing to the Los Angeles Times, but this morning I awoke before the deliveryman came with New York’s, so I bought the “Dog Trainer” to read while doing my cardio at the…

    BoiFromTroy (aef310)

  9. […] Patterico @ 5:31 am From the local Dog Trainer comes this entertaining correction: Ian Somerhalder — An ar […]

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  10. […] It’s nice to show up in Harry’s post — if for no other reason than the fact that Harry, while a lefty, is (like me) a rabid critic of the L.A. Times. He is, after all, the guy who invented the term “Dog Trainer.” All I did was steal it. […]

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