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Explanation of Term “Dog Trainer

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My wife says I need to explain what the term Dog Trainer means. It’s a term I use frequently on this site. It originated with Harry Shearer, and refers to the Los Angeles Times. I think you already understood that, but the wife says maybe not.

HEH: I do not like

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HEH: I do not like Bill Bennett, so I was amused to read this Newsweek story about his high-stakes gambling habit. Apparently Virtuous Bill has been dropping millions of smackeroos at the high-dollar slots in Vegas over a period of several years.

Bennett claims he has broken even over the years. “You don’t see what I walk away with,” Bennett says. “They [the casinos] don’t want you to see it.” Yeah, because the casinos are always trying to portray themselves as places where nobody ever wins.

“I view it as drinking,” Bennett says. “If you can’t handle it, don’t do it.” (I notice the comparison is made to drinking alcohol — not to, say, chain-smoking or binge-eating. I wonder why?)

“A casino source, hearing of Bennett’s claim to breaking even on slots over 10 years, just laughed.” I am laughing, too, especially when I read this quote from “a casino source who has witnessed Bennett at the high-limit slots in the wee hours.” This source says “There’s a term in the trade for his kind of gambler. We call them losers.”

GREAT MINDS: A WSJ editorial

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GREAT MINDS: A WSJ editorial echoes Patterico’s observation from last night regarding the withdrawal of troops from Saudi Arabia.


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KEEP THOSE BLINDERS ON: William Saletan of Slate is the latest guy to ignore the recent evidence of a link between Al-Qaeda and Saddam’s regime. His piece here makes no mention of that evidence, which I mentioned here on Sunday — five days ago. As I noted Tuesday, Robert Scheer has been doing the same. (In fact, Saletan’s piece looks almost cribbed from Scheer’s diatribe.)

Now, I do not say the evidence is necessarily genuine — remember, I speculated it could be fake. But guys, let’s at least stop pretending the evidence doesn’t even exist.


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PUT ON YOUR THINKING TOUQUE: Quiz. Quiz for John. This USA Today story says:

“Zacarias Moussaoui wants Attorney General John Ashcroft to answer a multiple choice quiz about the government’s theory of his role as a terrorist conspirator. Several of 17 handwritten pleadings released Thursday by U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema have a version of the quiz, which asks Ashcroft to check one of four boxes.

“The choices are:

“20th hijacker.
5th plane pilot missing in action.
I, Ashcroft don’t know.
Let’s kill him anyway.”

The pleadings go on to say: “1st prize: 1st class seat at Zacarias Moussaoui execution,” adding, “Only joking, it is not going to happen.”

That Zacarias! Such a kidder.


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THIS IS UNSETTLING AS WELL: This New York Times story about the President’s sort-of-declaration-of-victory has a curious quote from an unnamed “senior administration official” concerning the hunt for Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. The official said that the White House was now “learning something important on how the Iraqis did this. . . What you are likely to see is not large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction but all of the elements, the precursors, the capacity to put them together quickly. He [Saddam] couldn’t put them together as long as the inspections were going on” before the war.



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THIS IS UNSETTLING: A paper from the Great White North reports: “Islamic extremists killed Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl because he had discovered dangerous secrets about their ties to the Pakistani intelligence community, according to an investigation by a respected French writer.” Specifically, the writer believes that “Pearl was about to complete an article revealing that the al-Qaida terror network was close to acquiring nuclear weapons from supporters inside Pakistan’s scientific establishment.” (Emphasis mine.) Read about it here.

Bush the Bold

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Hard to read my post from last night about the Bush aircraft carrier landing (which quotes an e-mail suggesting that Bush was being brave for the sake of the troops) and not think of this Onion story titled “Bush Bravely Leads 3rd Infantry Into Battle.” Here’s a quote:

“‘The Joint Chiefs of Staff kept telling him, “Mr. President, we beg you—stay here in Washington, where it’s safe.” But George was having none of it,’ said Maj. Gen. Buford Blount, commander of the 3rd Infantry. ‘He was adamant that if our boys overseas were going to risk their lives for liberty, he was going to do the same. And, by God, he proved himself a man of his word.'”

Heh heh.

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