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SCHEER STUPIDITY: It has been over a year since Robert Scheer published perhaps the stupidest opinion piece ever published in a newspaper. After yakking about how the Holocaust “provides the enduring rationale for Israeli brutality in the name of self-defense,” Scheer let loose with this — my personal candidate for stupidest thing said by anybody in the past decade:

“What irony that many Jews now comfortably vacation in Germany but insist that Arab anti-Semitism is an immutable aspect of Muslim culture that can be met only with the crushing power of tanks.”

I remember writing Scheer at the time and inviting him to explain the irony to me. See, I had always labored under the nutty, nutty misconception that Germany’s anti-Semitism had also been met with “the crushing power of tanks.” Whaddya know — he didn’t write me back.

Anyway, I realized this morning that I have a golden opportunity to expose his stupidity on a regular basis with my blog. And so I shall. Starting today, “Scheer Stupidity” will be a semi-regular feature.

Since this post is already long, I will keep today’s entry short. Today’s idiotic Scheer column states: “The only significant link between Al Qaeda and Hussein centered on the Ansar al Islam bases in the Kurdish area outside of Hussein’s control.” If only Robbie had been reading Patterico on Sunday when he published this post with this link to recent proof of the Al Qaeda/Hussein connection.

But that was Sunday — evidently not in time for Scheer’s deadline to get a column in on Tuesday — two days later. Here’s some real actual irony: the title of his column is “Are we dumb or just numb?” Heh.

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