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LACI DECAPITATED: If I had a publicity guy in charge of publicizing this blog, he would tell me: “Write more stuff about Laci Peterson getting decapitated.” See, I have a site tracker that tells me, among other interesting information, what searches people use to find this site. Turns out that “Laci + decapitated” is a popular Google search nowadays. Apparently, when I wrote a post about the idiot NOW representative who complained about murder charges for the killing of Laci’s fetus, I used the words “Laci” and “decapitated” in close proximity. That got the attention of a lot of people who were looking for information about Laci being decapitated. Probably they were trying to find out whether Laci really had been decapitated. (Sorry — I have no inside scoop.)

Well, I am not a whore, and I refuse to write posts including the search terms “Laci” and “decapitated” simply to get more hits on the site. If you want to read about Laci getting decapitated, you’ll have to go somewhere else. (Unless, that is, the subject of whether Laci was decapitated just happens to come up naturally.)

UPDATE: While I am on the subject: has it been conclusively established whether Laci indeed was decapitated? I know there were reports to that effect early on, but I have not really followed the story thoroughly. Has there been official confirmation of this? Someone please click on the “E-mail me” link on the left margin of this blog, and fill me in on this important information, so I can keep my readers informed.


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WHY BLOGGING WAS LIGHT OVER THE WEEKEND: We were in Vegas. I didn’t want to say so beforehand because those hackers find out everything!


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STILL MORE TORTURE STORIES: Iraqi athletes relate fond memories of Uday and his beatings.

HEH: Ye Newe York Times

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HEH: Ye Newe York Times on the failure of the Founding Fathers to have a constitution in place a full three weeks after winning at Yorktown.

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