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ALSO VIA THE SHARK BLOG: An advance copy of the Yasser Arafat obituary.


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THE SHARK CATCHES ROBERT SCHEER WITH HIS PANTS DOWN: The always recommended Shark Blog has a priceless post here that exposes Robert Scheer for the ass he is.

The relevant quotes:

Scheer — Jan 7, 2003:

However, the viewing public doesn’t seem to understand that what is being planned by our president is not Gulf War II — a swift punch in the mouth to our old ally Hussein — but rather a multiyear occupation by the U.S. of an independent, powerful and modern Muslim nation rife with ethnic tension.

Scheer — April 22, 2003:

Of course, our vaunted intelligence forces knew well … that Iraq had been reduced by two decades of wars, sanctions and arms inspections to a paper tiger . . .


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JUAN WILLIAMS ON SANTORUM: I just watched Juan Williams on Special Report with Brit Hume. Juan is critical of Rick Santorum because, he says, he doesn’t understand why Santorum can’t distinguish between homosexuality and polygamy — after all, polygamy is illegal!

Of course, so is homosexual sodomy — in Texas. And, of course, Santorum’s entire point was that if you create a right of privacy for all sexually related conduct between consenting adults, you couldn’t make polygamy illegal.

Other than those minor issues, Juan makes an excellent point.

Juan Williams — not the sharpest tack in the box.


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MORE STORIES OF TORTURE BY SADDAM HUSSEIN: Can be read here, if you really want. It’s pretty gruesome. Quotes abound such as: “I thought they were going to fix my eye . . . but when I woke up I had just one eye left. They had cut the other one out.” Another guy’s tongue was cut out (you know, because he had allegedly used it to criticize Saddam). The article says that “the fedayeen officer who cut the tongue held it up to the crowd and shouted, ‘You see this? This will be the fate of anyone who dares insult the president.’ He then threw the bit of flesh on the ground; another fedayeen officer scooped it up and said it would be given to Uday Hussein as a present.”


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HE WAS THE SEVEN OF HEARTS: Am I the only one tired of hearing which playing card the latest captured Iraqi official was?

SANTORUM REDUX: Interesting piece in

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SANTORUM REDUX: Interesting piece in Slate by William Saletan, who investigates the issue of whether Santorum was right legally (not morally). Saletan asks the nation’s most prominent gay group (the Human Rights Campaign) whether incest may be banned withourt violating the Constitution. Their representatives uniformly say yes, but uniformly falter when asked why. Worth a read.

Saletan concludes that “legally, I don’t see why a sexual right to privacy, if it exists, shouldn’t cover consensual incest. I think Santorum is wrong. But I can’t explain why, and so far, neither can the Human Rights Campaign.”

Once again, as a matter of pure morality I disagree with Santorum. I have more than more gay friend and I really could not care less what their orientation is. I do not think we should pass laws to ban homosexual activity. Maybe we could even pass a constitutional amendment insuring some right of privacy that could cover homosexual activity. At least if we did it that way, the possible unintended consequences would be thoroughly explored and debated by the country. When we start making up phony constitutional principles, we have to recognize that the unintended consequences of the made-up principles need not have been examined by anyone other than 5 lawyers on the Supreme Court.

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