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GREAAAAAT: This Washington Post piece

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GREAAAAAT: This Washington Post piece says that “the U.S. military is racing belatedly to lock down files and equipment at scores of potentially sensitive facilities in Baghdad that went unguarded in the chaotic days immediately after the fall of Hussein.” These “potentially sensitive” sites are sites that might have had important information on the location of WMD. Apparently “retired Lt. Gen. Jay M. Garner, the occupation governor of Iraq, sought special protection for 10 Iraqi ministries, identifying them as potential repositories of weapons data, but . . . only the Oil Ministry remained intact after U.S. ground forces took possession of Baghdad.”

I hope that, at the very least, we secured all the sites where we believed the weapons themselves might have been. I am less concerned that we can’t find WMD than I am that we may have created a situation where we let WMD get looted.

GARNER: I say get rid

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GARNER: I say get rid of Jay Garner in Iraq, and put in James Garner. Rockford will get a representative government up and running in no time, and he’ll do it for just $200 a day. Plus expenses.


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THE MOTE IN YOUR EYE: This article in the Dog Trainer purports to raise a “moral issue” about the LAPD’s extensive use of resources to solve the murder of innocent 13-year old Joey Swift, as compared to the smaller resources devoted to solving the murders of gang members.

The focus is on LAPD. The headline reads: “Behind Swift LAPD Action, a Moral Issue” and the sub-head reads: “The probe into a slaying of a ‘complete innocent’ drew far more resources than the typical killing.” The first sentence reads: “Hours after 13-year-old Joey Swift was fatally shot while leaving church, seven homicide detectives and more than 30 officers began searching for the killers.”

But what about the Dog Trainer‘s treatment of this story, as compared to the attention the paper gives to stories of murders of gang members? The article acknowledges that media attention helped solve Joey’s murder case. But does the Times run 5 stories every time a gang member is murdered? The story itself answers the question: no. As an LAPD detective told the reporter: “We know that if we were to tell you a [murder victim] is a well-known gang member, you would not cover it.”

So what’s the real story? The use of resources by LAPD — or by the Times?

WMD: Remember, if finding them

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WMD: Remember, if finding them were easy, the inspectors could have done it.

THE SAUDIS: The Shark Blog

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THE SAUDIS: The Shark Blog (which I recommend) makes this wonderful observation about Saudi Arabia. On January 11, 1999 the Saudi government called for the easing of sanctions against Iraq. But on April 19, 2003 they called for sanctions to remain, explaining that sanctions should end only when Iraq has a “legitimate government.”

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