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WEEKLY WORLD NEWS: I have to admit I did not know until just now that you can access the Weekly World News online at I have never really read this publication before, because it, well, costs money. But I have always been amused by the covers I have seen at the supermarket, and now that I know I can read it for free . . .

I have a feeling I will be wasting a lot of my time in the coming days reading stories like this one about how to survive a terrorist attack. I love this quote: “Studies have shown that the safest place to be in a nuclear attack is under a small wooden desk.” It’s not the “Onion,” but it’s worth a mention.


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BEHIND THE SCENES: This story goes behind the scenes on that incredible commercial I gave a link to below. It took 606 takes. If you haven’t seen it, you have to check it out. If you tried the link and it didn’t work, you can try a smaller version here.

GOOD STUFF: has something

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GOOD STUFF: has something funny here: “The Bush Administration hailed yesterday’s announcement by Tim Robbins that ‘a chill wind is blowing in this nation’ as a sign of the reversal of global warming.”


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HONG KONG’S AD GENIUSES: Most of you know that Hong Kong is home of one of the major concentrations of SARS — severe acute respiratory syndrome, a deadly new strain of pneumonia — and that shortness of breath is one of the main symptoms of the disease. But did you know about this? It seems that the Hong Kong tourist board is running a magazine ad campaign using the slogan: “Hong Kong will take your breath away.” Click on the link if you think I’m kidding.

(The ad campaign was developed before the outbreak. Attempts to pull the ads after the outbreak came too late in some instances.)

CORNFIELD: Check out this “God

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CORNFIELD: Check out this “God Bless America” cornfield. To save you time, I am sending you directly to the link which verifies that it is for real.

SIDE NOTE: By the way, is a good example of the faith that we put in the “Myth/Reality” paradigm, which I mentioned below. I will believe anything I read on, because they are the mythbusters. If they say it, it must be true. I have actually entered my social security number into an internet form, to join a class-action lawsuit (for consumers of compact discs) that said was for real.

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