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NEW YORK TIMES DOES IT AGAIN: The headline of this piece is “Now Free to Protest, Iraqis Complain About Americans.” I’ll let you write your own commentary to the headline, but check out this piece of objectivity (with my emphasis):

“‘It seems like people are pretty happy to see police on the streets again,’ said Sgt. Lee Buttrill, 29. ‘And they are always happy to see us,’ he added, whether in earnestness or a perfect deadpan, it was hard to tell.”

CONFLICTING VIEWS: This story from

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CONFLICTING VIEWS: This story from Iraq in the Dog Trainer is titled “Rioters Stab L.A. Times Reporter.” This suggests a certain lack of unanimity in the views of Iraqis towards Americans. Or maybe they just didn’t like the Times’s war coverage?

We wish the reporter a speedy recovery.

COOL AD: This is one

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COOL AD: This is one of the coolest advertisements I have ever seen.

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