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STUART TAYLOR: I like Stuart

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STUART TAYLOR: I like Stuart Taylor. He has a piece in the National Journal on racial preferences. You can read it here.

My only quibble is that he has put it in the annoying “Myth/Reality” format. I generally object to arguments using that format, which purports to confer a mantle of inescapable truth on conclusions that are usually, in fact, simply the writer’s opinion (Myth: Patterico has only average looks. Reality: Patterico is one of the best-looking men on the planet.)

Still, worth a read.

RODNEY KING: Rodney King was

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RODNEY KING: Rodney King was driving 100 miles per hour, weaving through traffic . . . no, I’m not talking about in 1991. I’m talking about this past weekend. This time his (taxpayer-bought) Ford Expedition crashed into a house. “Police say they suspect that King was intoxicated at the time. A blood sample was taken — but the results haven’t been released.” Read about it here.

Apparently police saw him speeding and weaving, but then recognized him, and said to one another: “You pull him over. No, you pull him over.”

Okay, so I made that last part up.

“Police say King wasn’t arrested — but a report about the crash will be sent to prosecutors.” I can hear the conversation now:

“You prosecute him. No, you prosecute him.”

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