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HEH: I was just poking

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HEH: I was just poking around on when I saw this story, the headline of which is “Decapitated woman was scheduled to be witness in federal case.” Someone on commented: “How did this woman meet Bill Clinton?”


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TAKE A BAATH: This New York Times story bears the headline: “Iraq’s Baath Members Needed for Food, Aid, Power.” An official defends the U.S. decision to rely on people connected with the Baath Party: “I think what we are talking about now are people we would classify in the western world as low level civilian administrators.” Yeah . . . except in the western world, low-level administrators don’t carry out orders to torture and murder.

This is a huge problem. Our government needs to realize that the Iraqis are terrified of any vestige of Saddam’s murderous regime. Nevertheless, as we try to keep order, we are using former Saddam thugs to help us out. This Associated Press story states that a military official “would not say who the Iraqis on patrol were or whether any of them were former police officers or Baath Party members.”

Even CNN guys can figure this out. Read this report of a dispatch from CNN correspondent Martin Savidge:

“Many of the police officers under the old regime were Baath Party members, and they were sort of the enforcers, not necessarily the protectors, of the people.

“And so now if you send some of these police officers back into the same neighborhoods where they used to enforce, the people who live there will wake up and say, ‘What has changed? The same bad man who was on the street before is back on the street again.'”

LATE SHOW TOP TEN: Letterman’s

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LATE SHOW TOP TEN: Letterman’s latest Top Ten List is titled: “Top Ten Things Iraq’s Information Minister Has To Say About The War”:

10. “We’re pulling down the statues of Saddam to have them cleaned”

9. “Don’t believe that stuff you see on CNN…or NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox or MSNBC”

8. “If you ask me who the winner is, it depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is”

7. “Iraqi television is off the air because we didn’t want you to have to sit through ‘Becker'”

6. “Do you know of any job openings for a lying weasel?”

5. “Wolf Blitzer and I are engaged”

4. “Iraqis are in the streets celebrating Cher’s 40 fabulous years in show business”

3. “Incoming!”

2. “Saddam’s not dead — he’s just out with a case of the shingles”

1. “War? What war?”

TRUSTING CNN: (This post assumes

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TRUSTING CNN: (This post assumes familiarity with the topic of the recent op-ed by CNN executive Eason Jordan, confessing that CNN deliberately distorted the facts about Saddam Hussein for years.) I promised you below that people will be closely examining CNN’s record of coverage in Baghdad to look for evidence of the extent of CNN’s misrepresentations about Saddam’s regime. Today’s Wall Street Journal has a piece by Franklin Foer, the journalist who interviewed Eason Jordan in October — when Jordan claimed that CNN was giving “a full picture of the regime.” Foer’s piece has this eye-opening passage:

“It makes rich reading to return to transcripts and compare the CNN version of Iraq with the reality that has emerged. For nearly a decade, the network gave credulous treatment to orchestrated anti-U.S. protests. When Saddam won his most recent ‘election,’ CNN’s Baghdad reporter Jane Arraf treated the event as meaningful: ‘The point is that this really is a huge show of support’ and ‘a vote of defiance against the United States.’ After Saddam granted amnesty to prisoners in October, she reported, this ‘really does diffuse one of the strongest criticisms over the past decades of Iraq’s human-rights records.'”

Just incredible.

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