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FOX NEWS SCREEN SHOTS: Some funny (phony) ones are here. Thanks to The Volokh Conspiracy.


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SADDAM SURVIVES: The Dog Trainer today in this story had an interesting quote from a U.S. official regarding the intelligence report that had placed Saddam in that house we bombed. “We get a lot of Elvis sightings,” the official said. “This is the first I recall [since March 20] that was fairly specific and gave a location.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis had just left the building.

Makes we wonder again — like I did earlier (before we had an indication of the result) — could these sightings be a hoax??

UPDATE: The CIA says that Elvis was there. The story with that information also says that it takes only 12 minutes for a plane to get there once the order is given. You hear that, Saddam? 12 minutes.

MICHAEL KELLY: Some time has

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MICHAEL KELLY: Some time has now passed since Michael Kelly’s death. I suspect that at some point, the Clinton toadies (who hated him) may make elliptical comments suggesting his death was deserved, because he supported the war. The Begalas and Blumenthals and Carvilles of the world are so nasty, and so fond of gloating, that they may not let an opportunity like this pass without comment.

I hope I am wrong. I hope they have more class than that. And I haven’t seen any examples — yet. But if and when I do, I will tell you in this space. Remember: you heard it here first.

WHOOPS: We hit Al-Jazeera again.

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WHOOPS: We hit Al-Jazeera again. I say “again” because we did the same in Afghanistan (whoops!). Such mistakes will do wonders for our image in the Arab world. . .

This is not to say that we are necessarily doing it deliberately. Evidence: we may be injuring coalition reporters too. Four Reuters staff members were injured yesterday in a blast at the hotel in Baghdad where all the Western journalists are staying. (Shockingly, Iraqi snipers are positioning themselves in the vicinity of that hotel! As Reuters would say: Oddly Enough!)

MORE ANTI-WAR: Suspected chemical weapons

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MORE ANTI-WAR: Suspected chemical weapons were used against anti-war protesters in Oakland. Wait — I have further information . . . it turns out it was just tear gas.

Sorry, couldn’t help that.

CALL ME PARANOID: “Intelligence sources”

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CALL ME PARANOID: “Intelligence sources” are usually just some guy in another country telling you some stuff. So who’s to say that the “intelligence” saying that Saddam was in a residential area (in a home that we destroyed with a bunker buster or two or four) wasn’t just some double agent trying to get us to kill civilians?

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