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PAUL AND JOHN OR JOHN AND PAUL: Write me and tell me I am wrong about this, but I don’t see what is wrong with Paul McCartney wanting some credit for the songs that he had the main part in writing, as related here. I have long considered Paul to be the more talented of the two (though Lennon was no slouch!). Why shouldn’t he get primary credit for his own songs?


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JOURNALIST DEATHS: I am just now catching up to the news about the death of Michael Kelly, whom I liked very much. I also liked David Bloom, whom I remember watching covering many stories, in particular the Bush-Gore post-election mess. Both will be missed.

CHEERING IRAQIS: Another story of

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CHEERING IRAQIS: Another story of cheering Iraqis — happy to be liberated from the dictator. Go figure. Quotes from the crowd include:

“Thank you very much, Mr. Boss.”

“We love you United States.”

“Saddam donkey.”

“Night and day, no water.”

“Hospital. No electricity, no food, no medicine.”

“Very happy. I love you George Bush.”

The same story reports the discovery of nerve agents. It’s not clear what the significance of this is, since the nerve agents are described as innocuous — simply “a mild form of tear gas.” Does that mean Saddam was allowed to have them???

UPDATE: Apparently all they had really found were pesticides.


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LIKELY QUOTE OF THE DAY: According to USA Today, in a story you can read here, a U.S. Army Captain (from Watkinsville Georgia) is quoted as saying of Baghdad: “I do believe this city is freakin’ ours.”

CHEMICAL ALI: It generally seems

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CHEMICAL ALI: It generally seems wrong to be happy about someone’s death. We can probably make an exception in this guy’s case.

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