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SADDAM ANAGRAMS: I spent some time tonight trying to generate Saddam anagrams and came up mostly empty. A lot of entries used a common vulgar three-letter word for the hindmost portion of the anatomy and perhaps ought not be repeated. Here are a couple of the other anagrams for Saddam Hussein:

U.S. said: End sham!
Sad USA ends him
He is as sand mud
Shade U.N. sadism
End Saudi shams

E-BOMB: A friend and I

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E-BOMB: A friend and I have been asking each other for the past couple of days: why isn’t the U.S. just taking out Iraqi TV? Well, we finally have.

Query whether Al-Jazeera broadcast television from Qatar is still accessible by the Iraqi population. If so, Iraqis will still see our POWs being humiliated, and Saddam Hussein could still get a tape to them. But at least we’re making it tougher for Saddam to get his propaganda out. Now what is bad about that?


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CELEBRITY BOOING REVISITED: I may have been wrong below about the Hollywood celebrities booing Michael “Moore-on.” This article in the Weekly Standard convincingly argues that the booing actually came not from the celebrities in the orchestra section — who were shown on the screen sitting on their hands — but rather from the balcony, where the rabble (normal people, in other words) are allowed to sit. This explains why you heard a lot of booing, but didn’t see anyone booing (because the camera never shows the normals).

I didn’t even realize they had a separate section for the normals. Chalk it up to my ignorance of the Oscars.

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