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THE MOVIE COURT: My environment-hating

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THE MOVIE COURT: My environment-hating friend runs a site called The Movie Court which posts movie reviews from various contributors (my friend and his buddies). My friend has a wonderful gift for writing. Here is a line from his review of “Birthday Girl”:

“I have been known to say that I would pay money to see a movie consisting of nothing but Nicole Kidman reading from a telephone book. After watching this DVD rental, I almost felt like I had accomplished that goal.”

These folks watch a lot of movies. Feel free to check it out.


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MORE EVIDENCE AGAINST THE POLITICAL QUIZ: A friend who could not care less about the environment writes to say the political quiz labeled him a Green Party type whose political hero is Ralph Nader. Knowing my friend as I do (one of his favorite terms is “treehugger”), this information settles the question of the test’s accuracy once and for all. Whether it is a practical joke or just the most wildly inaccurate test ever, I don’t know. But its results are meaningless at best.

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