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PRACTICAL JOKE QUIZ: Try out this quiz, which purports to say which political stereotype you are. But be warned: I think that it may be a practical joke. I took it twice (because I thought it was broken after the first time) and both times I got this:

“Socialist – You believe the free market can be beneficial, but that a large and powerful state is necessary to redistribute the wealth of the top classes to those of the bottom. You also think that basic utilities and transportation should be publicly owned. Your historical role model is Eugene Debs.”

The thing is — as you know if you know me — I didn’t say a single thing that was even remotely socialistic. So I think this quiz might be designed to yank people’s chain. Please e-mail me your results and whether you think the quiz was accurate for you (or 100% wrong).

UPDATE: A friend says the quiz accurately described him as a libertarian. But it branded my mildly Democratic wife as a Fascist whose role model is Adolf Hitler. I still think the purpose of the site is to discombobulate people.

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