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LAUGH FOR THE DAY: My nominee for best typo ever is here. (Caution: adult language.) Thanks to How Appealing for the link.


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BOOK RECOMMENDATION: My friend who posted the information on supporting the troops is also the author of a book called The Courage of Common Men: Texans Remember World War II, which consists of his interviews with World War II veterans from Texas. It is a truly compelling book, and I’m not just saying this because he is my friend. It is a realistic view of what WWII was like from the perspective of people who were there, including bomber pilots, men on submarines, infantry soldiers from the wars in the Pacific and in Europe, POWs, and countless others. Even people who are not WWII buffs should check it out.


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SUPPORTING THE TROOPS: A friend of mine has posted information on where you can send donations that will help make our troops more comfortable as they travel to the Gulf.


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SIMPSONS THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Anyone who knows me well knows that commonplace events frequently remind me of the Simpsons. I couldn’t help but think of the show again when I read this story about Don Johnson being accused of money-laundering, after driving $8 billion across the Swiss-German border, claiming that he was on his way to buy a car:

“Among suspicious circumstantial evidence is that Johnson had just driven in from Zurich, a hub of Switzerland’s secretive see-no-evil banking industry. Swiss officials said Wednesday they know nothing about the case.

“Secondly, while legitimate international commerce does at times involve transactions that can run into billions, the middleman is rarely an actor toting a suitcase.

“Finally, cars don’t cost $8 billion.”

If you are like me, you are reminded of the episode where a guy is explaining to Homer how he can tell that Homer’s Super Bowl tickets are forgeries:

Ticket-Taker: Uh, sorry, fellas, but these tickets are counterfeit.
Wally: What?
Homer: Counterfeit?!
Ticket-Taker: Yeah, see, the hologram’s missing … and there’s no such team as the “Spungoes” … and finally, they seem to be printed on some sort of cracker. [takes bite of one]
Homer: [grabs tickets back] Stop eating our tickets!

I think it’s the word “finally” that did it for me.


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DUSTY RHODES, TAKE ME HOME: Lately there has been a set of minor squabbles surrounding a 9/11 memorial in La Habra, California. A couple of days ago some people vandalized it and the police stood by and watched, citing the First Amendment (do they act the same way when they come upon a tagger spraying a building with graffiti?) The latest is a woman who actually decided to assault the woman who maintains the memorial. Ah, peace lovers.

Really, the only reason I am discussing this is because I loved a quote I saw in this story from the Whittier Daily News about the alleged assault: “‘It’s great. There are more flags than ever now,’ said Dusty Rhodes of Whittier.”

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