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WEAKNESS: A friend makes a

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WEAKNESS: A friend makes a good point today. We all buy this line about how being the big bully on Iraq will create more terrorists. Many say similar things about Israel: their aggressive tactics only fuel the fire. Yet when Israel does something conciliatory (or “shows weakness,” depending on how you look at it), it seems only to encourage the terrorists over there. Case in point: Israel withdrawing from Lebanon sparked its own new round of terrorism.

Being a bully may encourage terrorism, but being weak certainly can as well.

I don’t know what the solution is (other than following the advice of our resident sage Sheryl Crow and just not having enemies) — but the debate should take account of this phenomenon.

TONY BLAIR: Don’t know if

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TONY BLAIR: Don’t know if you saw any of the raucous debate in the British parliament today. That Tony Blair is getting it from all sides, and stands up like a mensch. I’m even getting to be a fan of that Jack Straw guy.

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