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FUN MUSIC QUIZ: I have sent this quiz to many people by e-mail, but there will be readers who have not seen it. It’s kind of fun.

There is a chorale from the St. Matthew Passion by Bach which has been made into a popular song that most people know and like. To hear the chorale, go to this link and click on Track 5 on Disc 1. It is the chorale “Ich will hier bei dir stehen.” What you hear is a 52-second excerpt.

What does it sound like? If you don’t cheat, this could be one of those things that drives you crazy.

Don’t give up too soon. Resist the temptation to click on the answer now. Give it a few hours, or at least a few minutes.

When you do give up, click on this link at track 9. You have to wait a few seconds for the main melody. (Just clicking on the link gives away the answer even before you listen, so don’t click on the link until you have totally given up.)

Play the second clip and then immediately play the clip of the Bach Chorale again. Neat, huh? The similarity you hear, by the way, is no accident. For the proof, go here and page down to the section called “Written Interview: SongTalk.” (Again, this is a spoiler, so don’t do this until you have given up or you know the answer.)

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