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HELEN THOMAS: Looks like Bush

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HELEN THOMAS: Looks like Bush broke tradition by not calling on Helen Thomas last night. Apparently, for quite some time she got to ask the first question at press conferences, and got to thank the President on behalf of the press corps. At the very least, she always got called on at some point. Last night, Bush broke the tradition.

Of course, it’s not exactly traditional for a reporter to call the President the “worst President ever,” as Thomas recently said about Bush. . .

I say, good for Bush.

DANNY RATHER: If you missed

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DANNY RATHER: If you missed Brit Hume’s reporting on Dan Rather’s interview with Saddam, you missed the fact that the purported translator (who spoke with an apparently authentic Iraqi accent) was actually an actor named Steve Winfield, who “has a special flair for mimicking foreign accents.” CBS has not said whether Winfield actually did the translating — nor could CBS state whether Winfield even speaks Arabic.

Hume added: “Rather, by the way, told the Washington Post that he worked from a list of about 30 questions which he had rehearsed in advance in front of a mirror in his Baghdad hotel room, unconcerned apparently that the Iraqi regime routinely bugs the rooms of foreign visitors.”

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