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BREYER AND RYDER: Did anyone else catch this gem in Justice Breyer’s dissent in Ewing (one of the pair of “Three Strikes” cases decided yesterday)?

“Nor is there evidence presented here that the law enforcement community believes lengthy prison terms necessary adequately to deter shoplifting. To the contrary, well-publicized instances of shoplifting suggest that the offense is often punished without any prison sentence at all.”

To me, that appears to be a clear reference to the Winona Ryder case. In other words, if Winona wasn’t tossed in the pokey for shoplifting, why was Ewing?

NORTH KOREA: There sure is

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NORTH KOREA: There sure is an awful lot of talk about North Korea: why aren’t we doing anything, why is Iraq more important, isn’t North Korea worse, etc.

But I can’t remember off the top of my head a single constructive suggestion as to what we should be doing. Ideas, anyone?

REMINDERS: Two reminders yesterday of

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REMINDERS: Two reminders yesterday of why the federal courts are so important. California’s Three Strikes law, as applied to repeat thieves, was upheld by a slim 5-4 majority. And our old friend Stephen Reinhardt (from the infamous Ninth Circuit) wrote an opinion turning California law on its head, with a ruling (described here) that officers may no longer search parolees without suspicion.

Even the Courts of Appeal matter, folks.

NEAT: I saw this picture

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NEAT: I saw this picture after following a link on Andrew Sullivan’s web site. It’s a photo taken from the Columbia space shuttle on its last mission, and shows Europe at sunset.

UPDATE: I got suckered. It sure is a neat image, but according to (which I never would have thought to check regarding this), it ain’t 100% genuine:

“Although this image does accurately depict the landforms described and the positioning of lighted cities to the right of the day-night terminator line, it doesn’t represent an actual Earth view one might see from space. (The topography of the ocean floor would not be visible in a genuine photograph, for example.) Real satellite images or data may have been used in its creation, but this photograph is either a composite formed by merging multiple images from different sources . . . or a completely artificial picture generated by synthesizing data into a representative image.”

Thanks to a reader (who prefers to be known as the “intrepid reader”) for the heads-up.

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