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HMMMMM: According to this story,

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HMMMMM: According to this story, France will not veto another U.N. resolution. The source: a French satirical newspaper called “Le Canard.”

Is this like getting straight news from The Onion? I’m a little leery of taking my news from a French satirical newspaper, especially one whose name (in English at least) means “unfounded or false, deliberately misleading story.”

ONION: The lead story in

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ONION: The lead story in the Onion this week: Bush Offers Taxpayers Another $300 If We Go to War.

The best part is the backdrop behind Bush in the photograph (resembling those annoying backdrops he always has with simplistic slogans) reading: “War Pays.”


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RANDOM THOUGHT: I have been saying that no deal with Turkey means their military doesn’t roll over the border into Kurdish territory when the war starts. Then it occurred to me: do we know that?

If they do it anyway, what do we do? Anything? Tell them they can’t do it? On what principle?


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LEAK ABOUT MOHAMMED: I had wondered why we learned of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s arrest so quickly, before intelligence had a chance to use information learned in the arrest to track down terrorists. According to USA Today, the Pakistanis leaked: “U.S. intelligence officials had hoped that Mohammed’s capture could be kept quiet. That would have given investigators more time to analyze the mass of material seized with the al-Qaeda chief and a head start in tracking operatives throughout the world. . . . Pakistani officials reportedly leaked the information.”

Who knows whether this is true or not, but it’s the only explanation I have heard.

ESTRADA UPDATE: At least two

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ESTRADA UPDATE: At least two Senators — Senators Durbin and Kennedy — have now asked Estrada some follow-up questions, and he has answered them. Read the questons and answers here.

Estrada answers many, maybe even most, of the questions in a very straightforward manner. The remaining questions are variations of: “How would you rule on such-and-such case?” — the kind of question that nominees never answer. These questions were specifically designed to elicit a response that Durbin and Kennedy could trot out to support a phony claim that Estrada is still not being forthcoming. Even with respect to these questions, Estrada’s answers are thoughtful, and designed to give as much information as can appropriately be given. The answers are much more thoughtful and revealing than “I won’t say.”

Watch to see how these questions and answers are characterized by Democrats. If you read the questions and answers, and then listen to the Democratic spin, I am confident you will be amazed at the extent to which the Democrats will lie and distort.

By the way, Republicans were going to force a vote on cloture (ending the filibuster) today. No word yet on the outcome, although we know it in advance.


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COUNTERPRODUCTIVE: It does not help Bush for his spokesman Ari Fleischer to make basic errors about Saddam’s disarmament. According to the Washington Post, when asked about the ongoing destruction of the Al-Samoud 2s, Fleischer “insisted, erroneously, that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ‘denied he had these weapons,’ and cited the deception as one of the many reasons why Hussein could not be trusted. In fact, the Al Samoud-2s were among the few new items listed in an Iraqi weapons declaration submitted to the Security Council in December. . . .”

Nor does it help when administration officials make statements like this about still-ongoing negotiations with Turkey: “It’s Turkey . . . The negotiating never stops.” Ha, ha. Downside of making such a statement: it may further anger a country whose cooperation could save the lives of many American soldiers in the upcoming war. Upside: you might get a little chuckle from someone who thinks it’s funny to make fun of the Turks. Tough call. . .

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