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SCOTT RITTER, THEN AND NOW: What in the world happened to this guy since December 1998? Then, he was criticizing the U.S. for not being strong enough on Iraq. A quote from the interview I mention here: “Iraq can in a very short period of time measure the months, reconstitute chemical biological weapons, long-range ballistic missiles to deliver these weapons, and even certain aspects of their nuclear weaponization program. . . You can’t expect to enforce the law unless you have the means to carry out the enforcement.”

Now, of course, he has done a complete 180. If any of my readers can provide an explanation of this transformation that does not involve Iraq’s bribing or blackmailing Ritter, I am eager to listen.

DIALECTIZER: A fun web site

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DIALECTIZER: A fun web site is The Dialectizer. It takes your normal, stuffy English and turns it into Redneck talk, or any of 8 other dialects (including “Moron”). Here is a pretentious pontification from below, dialectized in “Redneck”:

Caveat: ah do not indo’se th’ idea of makin’ impo’tant govmental decishuns acco’din’ t’th’ opinions of edito’ial page writers. In fack, some might say this hyar chart provides th’ only valid argoomnt extant fo’ filibesterin’ Estrada! Fry mah hide! Nevahtheless, it is useful an’ interestin’ t’see this hyar info’mashun compiled in one place.

And here it is in “Moron”:

Cabeat: I do not endorse de idea of makigg iportant gobehnminal decishuns accordigg t’ de opinions of editorial page writehs. In fack, some mite say dis chart probides de on balid argumin extant f’ filibustehigg Estrada! Doihh, COOL! Nebehdeless, duuhhhh, it is useful ‘n innerestigg t’ see dis inf’mashun c’pilid in one place.

Good stuff.


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SELL-OUT OF KURDS SUDDENLY LESS OFFICIAL: The Turks have rejected the plan to let U.S. troops attack Iraq from the north.

The downside is that war planning just got a lot more complicated.

On the upside, we save $26 billion and avoid doing something immoral (allowing the Turks to sweep into Northern Iraq and oppress the Kurds).

THIS IS BIG: Khalid Shaikh

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THIS IS BIG: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the September 11 attacks, has been arrested. You heard it here first (unless you accessed Drudge before you accessed this page).

UPDATE: This Dog Trainer article quotes a senior Pakistani intelligence official as saying: “If you catch Khalid Shaikh at this point, you will break the backbone of the entire network.”

Let’s not get cocky, but I’ll repeat: this is big.


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EDITORIALS ON ESTRADA: I just saw an interesting web page, which I heard about first (as so often happens) from the “How Appealing” web site. The web page, which is contained on the web site of the U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee, is a chart compiling the positions of editorial boards of newspapers across the country on the Estrada nomination. As of today, the tally is 66 to 8 against the filibuster.

Caveat: I do not endorse the idea of making important governmental decisions according to the opinions of editorial page writers. In fact, some might say this chart provides the only valid argument extant for filibustering Estrada! Nevertheless, it is useful and interesting to see this information compiled in one place.


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CALLING THE BLUFF: Looks like the White House has done a pretty effective job of calling the Democrats’ bluff on Estrada. Alberto Gonzales has sent Senators a letter, inviting them to try any or all of several ways to get more information from Estrada. You can read the short but very effective letter at the “How Appealing” site at this link.

My guess: Democratic Senators participating in the filibuster will either ignore the letter, or maybe send some unanswerable questions in writing. This ain’t about principle, it’s about politics.


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YOU CAN’T USE WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE — OR MAYBE YOU CAN: Iraqi officials have warned the Kurds that if America attacks Iraq, the Iraqi government will launch a chemical attack on the Kurds — apparently using those chemical weapons that Saddam doesn’t have.

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