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Liar, come home
Moo! I’m a lecher!
Oh, more malice
Me? I’m ole roach

UDAY ANAGRAM: I could come

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UDAY ANAGRAM: I could come up with only one decent anagram for Uday Hussein:

U.S. say die, hun!

BOOING THE BOOERS: Michael Moore’s

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BOOING THE BOOERS: Michael Moore’s first reaction to the booing of his speech was to tell reporters that it was five loud guys doing all the booing. Apparently somebody has showed him a tape that clearly shows the reality: that boos were filling the hall. So he has a new theory now: a couple of guys were booing, and then a large group of people “booed the booers.” Yes, you heard right: “the majority in the balcony — who were in support of my remarks — started booing the booers.” That’s really what he said; I promise I am not making this up.



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SADDAM ANAGRAMS: I spent some time tonight trying to generate Saddam anagrams and came up mostly empty. A lot of entries used a common vulgar three-letter word for the hindmost portion of the anatomy and perhaps ought not be repeated. Here are a couple of the other anagrams for Saddam Hussein:

U.S. said: End sham!
Sad USA ends him
He is as sand mud
Shade U.N. sadism
End Saudi shams

E-BOMB: A friend and I

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E-BOMB: A friend and I have been asking each other for the past couple of days: why isn’t the U.S. just taking out Iraqi TV? Well, we finally have.

Query whether Al-Jazeera broadcast television from Qatar is still accessible by the Iraqi population. If so, Iraqis will still see our POWs being humiliated, and Saddam Hussein could still get a tape to them. But at least we’re making it tougher for Saddam to get his propaganda out. Now what is bad about that?


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CELEBRITY BOOING REVISITED: I may have been wrong below about the Hollywood celebrities booing Michael “Moore-on.” This article in the Weekly Standard convincingly argues that the booing actually came not from the celebrities in the orchestra section — who were shown on the screen sitting on their hands — but rather from the balcony, where the rabble (normal people, in other words) are allowed to sit. This explains why you heard a lot of booing, but didn’t see anyone booing (because the camera never shows the normals).

I didn’t even realize they had a separate section for the normals. Chalk it up to my ignorance of the Oscars.


MUST-READ: The title of the

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MUST-READ: The title of the piece is I was a naive fool to be a human shield for Saddam.

GOING TO BED: Looks like

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GOING TO BED: Looks like Saddam is wrapping up. He appears to have made some specific references to battles and commanders. I remain convinced this was a live speech.

I couldn’t help having this thought as I watched this: I am awake. Bush is almost certainly asleep. (I think he should be, by the way. I wouldn’t wake him up for this. It’s almost 12:30 a.m. here, and 3:30 in Washington. I would worry if he were awake.) It’s pretty weird to think I am watching a speech that strongly indicates Saddam is still around and feelin’ fine — at least a couple hours before the President will likely learn about it.

UPDATE: The speech is over and the talking heads are skeptical (at least on Fox News). Sorry, guys — I disagree.

REAL-TIME ANALYSIS: The Saddam speech

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REAL-TIME ANALYSIS: The Saddam speech is still going on. For those who are eagerly checking in to Patterico’s Pontifications for real-time analysis, you made the right choice. Here is my instant opinion, untainted by influences from talking heads:

1. That’s him.
2. He looks fine.
3. He has not said anything specific to prove that this is not a tape (no newspapers held up or references to specific events), but I don’t think it is a pre-recorded pep talk. Although the speech is mostly platitudes, his references to our land troops avoiding engagements are right on target. This might represent a good guess made before the fact, but I don’t think so.

Conclusion: Saddam is alive and well.


INTERESTING: I was a little

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INTERESTING: I was a little surprised (and pleased) to see that resident moron Michael Moore was booed by most Hollywood celebrities at the Oscars. Not that I was watching, but I heard about it on Fox News. . .

UPDATE: Some other guy with his own web site says it well, in commentary you can access here. (Caution: strong language is unexpurgated at the linked site.) My favorite lines from this commentary follow:

“When you get booed by Hollywood for making anti-Bush statements, you must really be an a–hole. . . Spin it how you like, tubby, but you got booed by a room full of liberals. Choke on that one.”

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