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ESTRADA UPDATE: Op-ed in the

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ESTRADA UPDATE: Op-ed in the Washington Post adding more evidence to the now obvious conclusion: Estrada has answered questions more thoroughly than plenty of other judges who sailed through their confirmations.

In fact, according to this piece, Estrada has said Roe v. Wade “is the law . . . and I will follow it.” That goes much further than I thought he had gone (I had heard he had called it “settled law” but had not heard him essentially pledge not to overrule it). That should be way more than enough for Democrats. In fact, this quote instills doubts in me; maybe Estrada is not as conservative as I had hoped. . .

BYRD WATCHING: Apparently there was

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BYRD WATCHING: Apparently there was no speech from Nutty Bob yesterday during the Estrada filibuster. Keep checking back here.


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AND HERE’S WHY THEY STAY: This article in the Dog Trainer suggests that the only purpose of the missiles Saddam has refused to destroy would be to repel a U.S. invasion by tipping the missiles with chemical or biological weapons and firing them Kuwait way when it looks like the invasion is imminent.

Which, by the way, reveals a real cost of the U.N. diplomacy: I have never seen a war telegraphed like this one. In street fighting, when you telegraph a punch, you often end up on the ground yourself. I have to hope the Bushies have thought about this, will announce a firm deadline for an attack, and will bomb the missile sites 24-48 hours before our announced attack.

The article also (sort of) answers a question that has been troubling me lately: why did the U.N. allow Saddam to keep missiles with a range of 150 kilometers (about 93 miles) anyway? “A U.N. official said Monday that the distance selected by the United Nations as the limit for the range of Baghdad’s missiles — 93 miles — might have been chosen simply because it is about half the effective range of a Scud.” (Love that “might have been.”) Of course, my real question was why he got to have any missiles at all.

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