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I keep noticing how the media are increasingly fond of telling us things after the fact, that it would have been nice to know before the fact. I have a million examples. Let me present two now.

Example: Gray Davis fudged budget numbers just before the election for California governor. According to the local Dog Trainer: “During the budget negotiations, Davis’ administration changed how it portrayed the state of the economy. Rather than use figures that compared one calendar year to the next, the administration, without fanfare, shifted to presenting results that compared the fourth quarter of 2002 to the same period a year earlier. The effect was to make the economy look significantly better than it otherwise would have just as Davis was seeking reelection.” (Emphasis is mine.) Apparently the Dog Trainer did not detract from the lack of fanfare — at least before the election. Thanks for telling me now.

Example: The Dog Trainer printed a story called Glitches, Close Calls Haunted Columbia, on February 17, 2003 (after the disaster). The facts in this story were clearly available before the Columbia disaster, but the long history of close calls was not a prominent news story until after the disaster. Thanks for telling me now.

I have many more examples, but let’s save some for another day. You get the idea. Sometimes it would be nice to know about these things earlier — you know, before it’s too late.

This will be a semi-regular feature on this site. Stay tuned.


  1. Bottomline….as seen by a Air Force Viet Vet. Never heard of someone on active flying status “just not showing up” for his flight physical. You get orders to do so, not an appointment that can be disregarded. Bush has been a lamer all of his life. And saved from alcohol at age 40 to be steered by others………

    AE Austin (683090)

  2. How did that comment get on this thread?

    Patterico (f7b3e5)

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