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WELCOME: to new visitors from

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WELCOME: to new visitors from Ernie the Attorney, who was nice enough to say a couple of kind words about this site.

QUIZ: like those SAT questions,

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QUIZ: like those SAT questions, choose the best answer in the following questions.

1. Which leader is more evil?

a) Saddam — you know, because of the murders, torture, invasions and all that
b) Bush — the most evil man in the history of the world

2. Which leader was duly elected?

a) Bush — the press proved he would have won even with a recount
b) Saddam — Bush didn’t even get as many votes as Gore, Saddam got 100%!

3. Which leader reminds you the most of Adolf Hitler?

a) Saddam — Genocide, torture and murder of political opponents, etc.
b) Bush — I am not fooled by the clean-shaven upper lip

4. It worries you more that which leader might have the ability to use nuclear weapons?

a) Saddam — imagine an invasion of Kuwait but now Saddam has nukes
b) Bush — if he can’t pronounce the term “nuclear weapon” then he shouldn’t get to use one

5. Agree or disagree with the following statement: what Bush and Ashcroft have done to civil liberties is worse than anything Saddam Hussein has ever done.

a) Disagree — I know I keep harping on this, but I still have this problem with leaders torturing and murdering political opponents
b) Agree — I’m sure Bush tortures and murders his political opponents too, but you’ll never hear about it in the conservative media

Give yourself 1 point for each “a” answer, and 2 for each “b” answer.


5 points: You are sane.
6-9 points: I am not so sure.
10: Congratulations! You qualify to be a war protester! Go get your “Bush: Worse Than Hitler” sign and LET’S MARCH!


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WE BLOG, YOU DECIDE: Stupidest anti-war sign yet?

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